"Measure and Improve Your Labor  Standards Performance" Handbook

SAI & IFC Release their Practical Reference Book for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation

June 2010

SAI is pleased to announce the publication of "Measure & Improve Your Labor Standards Performance," a Handbook and Toolkit for the World Bank's International Finance Corporate (IFC) Performance Standard 2 (PS2).

The Handbook and Toolkit, written and designed by SAI for all IFC- invested companies, is a practical reference book, and aims to provide an understanding of the fundamental management systems and internal staff capabilities required for improving the labor standards performance, both in a company and in its supply chain. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step guide to assist company management to develop or improve labor standards performance management systems.

The wealth of resources within the Handbook was informed by SAI's years of training experience in the field and work with leading companies on the use of management systems to improve labor standards performance in a company and its supply chain, and IFC's experience in a broad range of industry sectors and countries worldwide. It features SAI's process-based rating system to help companies measure and improve their performance. It aims to support senior management, as well as professionals in the human resources, compliance, and sourcing departments. Especially unusual is its wide applicability to companies in any industry. 

Key sections of the Handbook:

  1. Building the Business Case
  2. The Elements of Labor Standards Performance
  3. Labor Standards Performance in your Company
  4. Forming and Effective Internal Labor Standards Performance Team
  5. Labor Standards Performance in Your Supply Chain
  6. Management System Tools with Step-by-Step Guide

 Click here to get a glimpse of the Handbook.

Download the full Handbook, free of charge, in the SAI Training Center:

For inquiries, please contact info@sa-intl.org.

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