GSCP & SAI Announce Partnership

To Harmonize Efforts & Build the Capacity of Global Supply Chains

SAI and the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) are pleased to announce they will partner to harmonize efforts, and join the GSCP's Partner Organisations Network to build capacity and implement best social and environmental practice in global supply chains. As SAI and the GSCP work in complementary fields, this partnership acknowledges the importance of collaborating on activities to avoid overlap and duplication of activities and resources.   

On June 21, 2011, the GSCP opened an Equivalence Process that will allow buying companies, initiatives and other organizations to benchmark their systems, tools and processes against agreed best existing practice as described in the GSCP Reference tools. SAI is working to benchmark SA8000® through the GSCP Equivalence Process. This Equivalence Process was established as a response to the increasing amount of variation in social compliance and environmental compliance standards, audit process methodology as well as requirements for auditing competence. The Equivalence Process integrates all existing GSCP Reference tools, which provide the neutral reference in this benchmarking exercise, allowing for comparability between systems - this will help to foster convergence in approaches, accelerate remediation and create the level playing field necessary for collaboration on capacity building. 

The Global Social Compliance Programme is a business-driven programme for the continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains. The GSCP provides a global cross-industry platform to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in order to build comparability and transparency between existing social compliance and environmental compliance systems. Website: 
For more information, contact Joleen Ong, Communications Manager at

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