SAI India: Competitive Selection Process for Trainers

In response to the "Call for Trainers," released on April 18, SAI and project partners, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and BSCI, received a significant number of applications, creating a competitive selection process for India-based trainers. Applications were received from all over India, including New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Tirupur.
The trainer selection is an important process in creating the network of trainers to support cost effective and scalable trainings in India, as a key goal of SAI's joint Development Partnership (PPP), "Scaling Up Indian Responsible Business Initiatives." Selected candidates will be offered the 'Training of Trainers' (ToTs) and qualification process, which has been planned under the PPP project.
"In India we say that sowing the right seed is very important for a good yield- the same adage holds true for the selection of trainers," said SAI India Project Manager, Rishi Singh.  "Our selection process ensures we identify and engage with good talent in order to effectively initiate the trainer network in India through the PPP."   
The selection of trainers will be complete by the first week of August and ToTs will be scheduled accordingly. We thank all those who took time to apply for the trainer opportunities with the Centre of Excellence and offer support to form the network in India.

To learn more about the India PPP project, visit For more information, contact Rishi Singh, India Project Manager at

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