Comply & Win (Cumple y Gana)

Strengthening of Labor Inspections in Central America and the Dominican Republic

A Project of the U.S. Department of Labor, led by FUNDPADEM


Download Project Briefer: Comply & Win [444 KB]

Project Duration: 2003 - 2012 (SAI involved in training 2008-2011)

Goal: In Comply and Win, SAI aims to build the capacities of labor ministries by providing tools and training, to conduct inspections that emphasize root cause analysis of labor violations and more preventive approaches.

Countries: Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica

Summary: Since 2003, Comply & Win supports the Labor Ministries of Central America and the Dominican Republic to enforce their labor laws, by addressing their deficit of resources & access to training and technical assistance.  

As an implementing organization of Comply & Win, SAI supports the Ministries by developing inspection tools and delivering training, including:

  • Labor Inspectors Code of Ethics (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica)
  • Inspection protocol on Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining Rights (Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador)
  • Inspection Manual on Occupational Safety & Health (Guatemala)
  • Judicial Study on Termination of Contracts (El Salvador)
  • Inspection Protocol for the Agricultural Sector (Dominican Republic, Guatemala)
  • Inspection Protocol on Remuneration (Dominican Republic)
  • Labor inspection training on best practices for verification and investigation (Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic)


1. Research & development of draft inspection protocol
2. Consultation with labor inspectors, employers, associations and trade unions on the draft protocol
3. Presentation of the stakeholder-reviewed protocol to Ministries
4. Training for labor inspectors on use of the inspection tool

Key Achievements:

  • Training for over 500 labor inspectors
  • Labor Inspector Code of Ethics for El Salvador adopted by Ministry of Labor with support of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • Dominican agricultural producers and workers' rights organizations convened with labor inspectors to develop Agricultural Inspections Protocol 

SAI e-Newsletter:

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