AKUT Returns to Pakistan  

The Turkish NGO AKUT Search & Rescue Association conducts emergency & fire safety assessments in Pakistan for SAAS

November 2012

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On November 11, 2012, the Turkish NGO AKUT Search and Rescue released a statement of its current activities with SAAS in several cities in Pakistan. Below is the statement taken from AKUT's website, translated into English from Turkish by AKUT volunteer and SAI Lead Trainer, Dundar Sahin.     

"In 2006, AKUT participated in an earthquake rescue operation in Pakistan to support the evacuation of people from villages that were heavily affected by landslides and debris. AKUT continue to support the people of Pakistan by providing medical support and materials after the earthquake.

Now AKUT is participating with Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) - the independent accreditation organization that oversees SA8000 certification - to provide Emergency and Fire Safety Assessment Services to SA8000 Certified factories on behalf of SAAS in several cities in Pakistan. The assessment will include, the fire and emergency mitigations, physical risks in the workplace and emergency response capacity of certified facilities."