Corporate Member Spotlight: EILEEN FISHER

The company's 'Ampersand' campaign offers a storytelling portal to share its broader efforts for human rights and sustainability

March 2013

Photos from the EILEEN FISHER 'Ampersand' site: From left: EILEEN FISHER's Director of Social Consciousness & SAI Advisory Board member, Amy Hall; hand loom weavers making scarves at the SA8000 certified supplier factory, Shingora; EILEEN FISHER's Human Rights Specialist Luna Lee (right) at a supplier factory in China.   

EILEEN FISHER's 'Ampersand' campaign is taking storytelling to a new level. Available in print and online - - the company shares its broader efforts and collaborations to ensure human rights in its supply chain, protect  the environment, empower women and girls and support traditional crafts and cultures. 

Three stories specific to SAI's mission of human rights at work from the site caught our attention, we're pleased to share with you:

In India, Family and Factory The inspiring story of Shingora, the family-owned and operated SA8000 certified scarf factory in Ludhiana, India that is a supplier to EILEEN FISHER. 

"Shingora is a modern factory born out of the ancient art of weaving and the Jain family's vision...Mridala's husband and both her sons are very present at the factory. Amit is now the President. Her younger son, Anuj, is the CEO. Shingora is dedicated to social responsibility, meets SA8000 accountability standards and stays true to the original idea of producing beautiful textiles - a synergy mirrored at EILEEN FISHER."   

500 People Touched my Clothing The work of EILEEN FISHER's Human Rights Specialist Luna Lee (and SAI alternate Advisory Board member for Amy Hall) is to 'stay in touch, literally' with the individuals that make their clothes - in China, India, New York, California and more. 

"[Luna Lee] partners with Amy Hall, director of Social Consciousness, to keep track of human rights issues at the factories that make our clothes-seven in China, one in India, three in New York and others scattered around the globe. The goal: making sure that real life conditions meet the comprehensive workplace standard that we follow, SA8000."

The Bumpy Path to the High Road The long journey of EILEEN FISHER's Director of Social Consciousness Amy Hall to develop and implement an ambitious agenda for her team to be environmentally sound and fight bigger issues such as human trafficking and slavery in Uzbekistan's cotton fields. 

"Fifteen years ago... the nightly news was full of stories about sweatshops overseas and no brand wanted to find itself in the next exposé. It was a different era. Strong human rights standards were just being developed, today's army of nonprofit auditors hadn't sprung up. In 1997 she [on behalf of EILEEN FISHER] joined a working committee at Social Accountability International...and helped draft SA8000, the strict and holistic standard we ask our sixteen global manufacturing partners to follow. In seven dense pages, it lays out the requirements for a humane workplace, issuing a clarion call for fair pay, fair working hours, safe conditions, no child or forced labor and no human trafficking."

Read more stories and follow the campaign at For more information, contact SAI Communications Manager Joleen Ong -

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