SA8000 Standard & Guidance Document Revision Timeline 

The SA8000 Standard & Guidance revision process will include extensive stakeholder outreach

May 2013

Description: SA8000 Standard and Guidance Document are currently being reviewed , a revision process conducted every 5 years.  Similar to the 2008 SA8000 Standard revision process, extensive multi-stakeholder consultations will take place. 

SAI has also finalized and released its 2008 Guidance Documents. This guidance builds on the 2004 version and provides further interpretation and examples of application of the SA8000 Standard's requirements for auditors and other users of the Standard. For example, the 2008 Health and Safety Guidance Document has been expanded to include additional information on fire safety, including a template for a comprehensive Fire Safety Risk Assessment with step-by-step instructions for: identifying fire hazards, identifying persons at risk, evaluating risks, and composing action plans.

The SA8000:2014 standard review process will comply with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice. This ISEAL code helps guide the review process and sets expectations around public consultation, stakeholder representation, and transparency. According to the code, the following are some basic aspects the review process must include:      

  • Establishment of a steering committee
  • A public consultation period of 60 days
  • Synopsis of how comments were addressed and proposal on revision prepared by the steering committee

The review process will include extensive stakeholder outreach to those who use or are affected by the SA8000 standard. Early in 2014 the new code is scheduled to be posted. Comments received will be reviewed and summarized in a  posting on the SAI website.

The SA8000:2014 review plan and timeline is available at A summary of the comments received from the SA8000: 2008 revision process is available at

For more information, contact SAI Sr. Manager Alex Katz

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