Social Fingerprint®

Measuring and Improving Social Performance 

Social Fingerprint® is a program of ratings, training, and toolkits designed to help companies understand and measure their social impact now, and then learn how to improve it.

Companies can pick and choose from the Social Fingerprint Program components to enhance their existing corporate code of conduct program, or they can use the program to evaluate their own social performance or that of their suppliers.

The program includes:

  • Social Fingerprint® Company Rating System
  • The Social Fingerprint® Supply Chain Management Rating System
  • Online and classroom training and tools

Social Fingerprint leverages SAI’s experience from creating the SA8000 Standard for decent work. It takes the management systems concept and breaks it into component processes so that companies can take much more targeted steps towards improvement.

Based on years of experience, SAI has created the Social Fingerprint Program to help companies implement management systems in a credible, pragmatic, and cost-effective way. The ratings help companies go beyond looking at code violations, to evaluating the processes that are essential to a high-level of social performance.

This program’s process-based approach is a practical way to drive improvement regardless of which corporate or industry code is being used. In order to make the program cost-effective, SAI has created an online hub – the SAI Training Center - as a way to supplement classroom training.

Online Training Courses:


Since SAI first launched Social Fingerprint in 2010, over 500 companies globally have signed up to use it in their company and in their supply chain, to measure and improve their social performance. Major companies from such diverse industries as Timberland in the apparel and footwear sector, and STX Vietnam in the shipbuilding sector have been using Social Fingerprint and have noted its impact:  

"Since we've been using Social Fingerprint we have noticed an real improvement in the openness of the communication between the factory manager and our staff on how they go about managing social/labor conditions. The factories have become even more engaged with us. When they get their Social Fingerprint score they want to know how they compare to the other Timberland suppliers and what they can do to improve. Social Fingerprint has proven itself as a very useful communication tool in establishing a clear road map and work plan for improving social/labor management systems."

- Colleen Vien, Sustainability Director at Timberland 

"Our cooperation with SAI has increased our awareness of social and working conditions at the yard, as it emphasized the importance of systemic approaches in daily work. As we build trust with our customers, we simultaneously want to be a trusted employer. Our yard in Vung Tau is a Greenfield Investment literally built on our long experiences as a recognized Norwegian shipbuilder. We developed the yard in accordance with our high quality standards and trained our Vietnamese employees into skilled shipbuilders."

-Roger Vassdal, General Director of STX Vietnam  

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If you are looking to begin the SA8000:2014 Certification process and need to take the SA8000:2014 Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment, please see this page.