SA8000 Accredited Certification Bodies

To certify conformance to SA8000, every facility seeking certification must be audited.  Assessment of compliance to the SA8000 Standard is available only through third party, accredited, independent organizations known as certification bodies. 

The list of accredited certification bodies authorized to conduct SA8000 certifications can be found on the SAAS website.

Accreditation is the formal recognition of competence given to qualified organizations who are then granted the ability to issue SA8000 certifications – such organizations are called Certification Bodies (CBs).  SAI’s accreditation services are managed by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). As an independent decision-maker, SAAS accredits and monitors firms as certifiers of compliance with social standards, including SAI’s Social Accountability 8000 standard for ethical working conditions.

SAAS undertakes impartial assessment and oversight of these CBs and grants accreditation only to those organizations that qualify. These accredited-CBs are required to follow SAAS procedures and are subject to SAAS’s periodic review of their work in the field. 

Facilities interested in seeking certification to the SA8000 Standard must contact one of the organizations accredited by SAAS to arrange for a third party audit to certify SA8000 compliance. Only those CBs accredited by SAAS to grant SA8000 certification are listed on the SAAS website. The certificates issued by these CBs to SA8000 certified facilities include a copyrighted accreditation mark and only such valid certificates are listed publicly on the SAAS website.

For questions on SAAS Accreditation, please contact:

Lisa Bernstein
Accreditation Manager
Phone: +1-212-684-1414 extension 204
Fax: +1-212-684-1515