Corporate Programs

SAI Corporate Programs Mission:

We help companies measure and improve working conditions in supply chains around the world.

What we do:

We help companies...

  • Build management systems to embed sustainable improvements
  • Implement practical, scalable solutions to complex problems
  • Measure impact and drive continual progress
  • Foster a sense of ownership and empower individuals to develop solutions
  • Develop partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Build the business case for human rights at work

Who we work with:

  • Companies, brands, suppliers, licensees, retailers, international organizations
  • A number of different industries
  • A range of sizes, from SMEs to multi-national corporations
  • Varied levels of experience

We work with a number of different companies in varying levels of engagement.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is the highest level of engagement with SAI. Members take advantage of a menu of resources, advice from SAI experts, and an annual customized project of their choosing. Members also work on annual improvement plans based on our Social Fingerprint® program.

Custom Clients

We work with custom clients on strategic projects that focus on specific areas of their supply chain management. These projects can be short term or long term, and are aligned with SAI's mission and strategic goals.


Supporters receive general services and can take advantage of SAI resources and our learning network.

Contact Christie Daly, Director–Corporate Programs, for more information: