Accreditation Services

Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) is an accreditation agency that works to evaluate, accredit, and monitor organizations that demonstrate competency to audit and certify organizations that conform to social standards. While Social Accountability International (SAI) is the creator and owner of the SA8000 Standard, SAAS provides oversight to the accreditation of certification bodies and the certification of SA8000.

How SAAS Got Started

SAAS began work in 1997 as an accreditation department within SAI and was formally established as its own independent, not-for-profit organization in 2007.

In 1998, SAAS began accrediting Certification Bodies to perform audits that certify qualifying organizations to the SA8000 Standard. In the structure of management systems accredited certification, there must be systems in place to control processes and to show that performance is compliant with those requirements. The idea that a system must include objective verification and evaluation for competence to perform their task was at the core of developing an accreditation and oversight system.
SAAS has since expanded its scope to include accrediting bodies to audit against the InterAction PVO standard, conducting oversight of the BSCI verification code, development of the Magen Tzedek program, accreditation of the GoodWeave International system, and oversight and monitoring of organizations delivering SA8000 Training, including SAI.
Process of Certification
Assessment of compliance to the SA8000 Standard and the issuance of SA8000 certifications is available only through independent organizations accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). A facility wishing to seek certification to SA8000 must apply to a SAAS-accredited auditing firm, known as a Certification Body.

For more details regarding the process of certification, please visit the SAAS website here.

While SAI does not offer a guide for use to companies, we do offer the SA8000 Standard and Guidance Document, as well as other related documents for download, free of charge here.

SAAS has a publicly available list of SA8000-certified facilities on their website here.

Process of Accreditation

SAAS is the only international accreditation body offering third party accreditation for social audit certification systems. SAAS has built its reputation by offering systems to provide oversight of social audit programs in a consistent, reliable, and transparent manner.

SAAS accreditation and assurance programs include SA8000 Certification and SA8000 Auditor Training, BSCI Code of Conduct Audits, GoodWeave International, Magen Tzedek, and InterAction PVO standards.

Organizations seeking to apply for accreditation should visit the Accreditation Requirements page on SAAS's website.

For questions about SA8000 certification or accreditation, please contact SAAS at