SAI Advisory Board Meeting Convenes in NYC 

Outcomes endorse SAAS strong measures to improve reliability of audits and lay the groundwork for SAI's upcoming 5-year Strategic Plan. New chair elected: Amy Hall from EILEEN FISHER 

May 2013


SAI Advisory Board members Ivano Corraini, CGIL with Federico Tani, CGIL; Luna Lee, EILEEN FISHER; David Zweibel, NCLC; Darryl Knudsen, Gap Inc.; Olga Orozco, BSCI; Bob Mitchell, HP; Dorianne Beyer, NCLC; Achim Lohrie, Tchibo GmbH; Robin Cornelius, Switcher; Helio Mattar, Akatu Institute; Anant Nadkarni, TCCI and Alice Tepper Marlin, SAI. They are joined by guests Harriet Lamb, FLO and Laura Rubbo, Disney; SAI staff members Stephanie Wilson, Eileen Kohl Kaufman, Joleen Ong, Richard Cook, Jane Hwang, and Craig Moss; and SAAS staff Lisa Bernstein and Rochelle Zaid.

On May 14-16, SAI convened its semi-annual multi-stakeholder Advisory Board meeting in New York. The meeting focused on the substantial changes enacted to increase the quality of implementation of the SA8000 Standard system and laid the groundwork for the upcoming 5-year Strategic Planning session in Fall 2013. Board members welcomed the participation of an observer, Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive Officer of Fairtrade International and of SAAS board member, Laura Rubbo, Director, Corporate Citizenship, International Labor Standards (ILS) at the Walt Disney Company.

The meeting had a special focus on membership and leadership. SAI welcomes new SAI Advisory Board Chair Amy Hall, Head of Corporate Social Consciousness at EILEEN FISHER, and Vice Chair Ivano Corraini, Head of the National Legal Office at the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL).

The Advisory Board elected new Advisory Board members Margaret Jungk, Founder and Director of the Human Rights & Business Department at the Danish Institute for Human Rights - and Sunil Bhaskaran, Deputy Vice President of Corporate Services of Tata Steel.

Ms. Hall and Mr. Corrani succeed SAI Advisory Board Chair Achim Lohrie, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Tchibo GmbH and Vice Chair Helio Mattar, President of the Akatu Institute. During his term as Chair, Mr. Lohrie has been instrumental in the leadership of SAI. All staff and board members are deeply appreciative of his time, advice, expertise and support for all SAI departments.

Some of SAI's long-time board members have reached the end of their term limits, opening up seats for new members. SAI is deeply appreciative of the service and commitment of these members: Kishor Chaukar, Chair of the Tata Council for Community Initiatives (TCCI) and Managing Director of Tata Industries Ltd. and his alternate Anant Nadkarni, VP of TCCI; Manuel Rodriguez, Senior VP of Government and International Affairs and Corporate Responsibility Officer at Chiquita Brands International and his alternate George Jaksch, Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs; and Robin Cornelius, Executive Chair of the Switcher Group and alternate Aadith Vikram, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at PGC Holdings. Mr. Chaukar, Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Jaksch and Mr. Nadkarni were elected to the SAI Advisory Board Founders Committee.

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