SAI responds to fire at Teresa Moda in Prato, Italy

December 2, 2013 

News of yet another factory fire resulting in loss of life and injury leaves us once again, deeply saddened. This tragic incident occurred in a Chinese-owned garment factory in Prato’s industrial zone, and has sadly claimed the lives of at least 7 people.

SAI once again extends our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. We call for appropriate compensation to be arranged for the victims of this terrible event and for accelerating all serious efforts to prevent unsafe conditions that might lead to such incidences and prevent the safe evacuation of employees in the case of a fire and/or other safety hazards.   

Currently SAI is not aware of a connection between the Teresa Moda factory and any of its member brands. We will investigate the reports and confer with our members in order to understand any direct or indirect relationships our members may have and to support next steps.

This tragedy reflects the need to support better working conditions worldwide, not just in high risk countries. Currently SAI has 1068 facilities certified to its SA8000 standard in Italy. We are committed to not allowing a shift in focus to higher risk countries lead us to forget unsafe labor conditions that persist elsewhere in the world.