Support Nepal in Earthquake Emergency Aftermath
Call for Action Letter from CEO Alice Tepper Marlin

Nepalese workers, like impoverished people in so many countries where opportunities are sparse, travel worldwide to find jobs that promise to provide income for their families so their children can attend school, and so they can obtain health care, build homes, and save to start a business. Leading edge companies - such as HP - seek to assure a better future for migrant workers, their families and their country, by avoiding workplace discrimination against migrants and forbidding the use of abusive employment -- directly and by their suppliers -- of agents that charge the workers.

Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, as it did recently in Nepal with the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck that country, migrant labor patterns mean families are separated in a time of intense need. We are heartbroken to think of the earthquake victims and of the workers abroad, desperate for news of their families and friends. In the face of a problem of this magnitude, we reach out to our network to suggest that you support leading organizations that do great work in Nepal -- emergency response and/or development.



AKUT conducted a technical search at four collapse sites within the city of Kathmandu

One of SAI's closest partners, AKUT Search and Rescue Association, sent a team to help in Nepal in the immediate period following the earthquakes. Although the search and rescue operation has ended, and they have since pulled the team back to Istanbul, it is important to remember the value of having organizations like AKUT ready to deploy and save lives at a moments notice. Please consider giving to AKUT to show appreciation for the work they have done, and to help them maintain readiness for future disasters. Information on how to make a donation to AKUT can be found here


Now development NGO's are on the scene in Nepal, trying to rebuild devastated areas and provide much needed assistance in the form of supplies, healthcare, and general supports to families in need. We encourage our readers to donate as well to these organizations currently working in Nepal:




Catholic Relief Services

Direct Relief


Goodweave International

International Relief Teams

Operation USA

Save the Children

Seva Foundation

World Help