TenSquared Brazil Impact Evaluation
NYU Capstone Team Closes Extensive M&E Project

SAI and RRI have experienced first hand the dramatic impact of our joint TenSquared program on factories and the lives of participants. The program has been positively assessed through both Labor Link surveys and progress against specific health and safety goals. But despite our understanding of program strengths, it is always good to have an outside party assess the work, look for new ways to grow, and aspects of the project that are strongest. with the longest impacts. We are very excited to say that results of our most recent impact evaluation for the TenSquared program targeted at sustainability of impacts over time, have been overwhelmingly positive. Below is a letter from the researchers explaining more about their role in this project.


From Left to Right Marco Perez (BSD), Lilian Liu (NYU), Andrea Dallman (BSD), Anita Lederer (NYU), Julia Chambers (NYU), Jenny Roberts (NYU)



Hello SAI Newsletter Subscribers,

We are researchers from New York University, hailing from the United States, Sweden, and China. We are currently finalizing an Impact Evaluation and a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the TenSquared program for Social Accountability International and the Rapid Results Institute. 


The two studies we produced form part of our final project to complete our Masters in Public Administration degree at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. We have been working with SAI and the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) for the last 8 months to assess the program's impacts and also to propose a plan to monitor and evaluate program progress as the TenSquared platform expands. We were guided in these efforts by Professor John Gershman and sincerely thank him for his help.


This January, we traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit TenSquared program sites and conduct interviews with participants to learn more about their experiences within the program. We visited ten factories, from notebook manufacturers to chemical producers to financial service firms. The teams we visited have achieved a variety of impressive health and safety goals through their participation in TenSquared, such as creating fire prevention plans and reducing time exposed to hazardous materials. Below two of the standout comments from our time in Sao Paolo:


"People put ideas in a drawer before (TenSquared). So for me, it was interesting to see us give ideas and that those ideas were being implemented...My motivation is the opportunity to be listened to and have an opportunity for the good idea to be implemented. "

- Worker Describing Improvements in Worker Manager Relations


"In my personal and professional life, the project gave me more confidence and made me feel more powerful. I was always a focused person, but now I believe you must be determined. You can't just let things happen, you gotta go for it. I feel an improvement in my personal and professional attitude (after TenSquared)"

- Manager Describing TenSquared Impacts on Personal Development 


We were very impressed with our findings concerning the impact of the program and with the program staff we met. We found that a majority of participants felt that the program directly strengthened relationships between workers and managers. In addition, we found that a majority of participants felt that health and safety conditions did improve at the program site after the project was implemented.


We are grateful to SAI, RRI, and the local coaches in Brazil for this wonderful and enriching experience.




The NYU Wagner Capstone Research Team


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