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SAI Meets with SA8000-Certified Organizations
in Asia and Europe

18 May 2017

SAI has this year met over 300 representatives of SA8000-certified organizations and accredited certification bodies in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Peru, Portugal, and Viet Nam. The workshops and meetings will help SAI develop customized capacity building resources for various local contexts.

“We have been encouraged to see the commitment of factory managers and workers to continuously improving working conditions in their facilities. Happier workers, lower turnover, and better marketability are just some of the outcomes they have connected with SA8000,” says Rochelle Zaid, Senior Director at SAI.

SAI is committed to providing certified facilities with effective tools that help ensure continuous improvement in their social performance. Based on conversations in the workshops and meetings on the ground, factories share similar needs when it comes to further capacity building.

“Several organizations have expressed their interest in offering more training for their employees and in better engaging their diverse external stakeholders," mentions Tracie Ninh, Manager of Standards and Impacts at SAI. "They are also keen to find solutions to managing the various standard and code audits required by their buyers. We already offer many solutions to meet these needs and will continue to develop new ones,” she adds.

SAI will continue to organize SA8000 workshops and meetings with certified facilities and certification bodies in various countries throughout 2017.