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Italy Tops the List of Countries with Most
SA8000-Certified Facilities

18 May 2017

For thirteen years, Italy has consistently had a larger number of SA8000-certified organizations than any other country. The steadfast growth has been bolstered by the Italian government’s incentives for SA8000-certified companies, which have helped the country advance its sustainability goals.

Currently over 1,200 certified facilities in Italy benefit from government policies that recognize the SA8000 certification. For instance, an accredited SA8000 certificate grants companies a discount from the insurance payments to the National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work. The national procurement code entitles SA8000-certified companies to a significant discount in safe warranty fees when applying for a public tender contract.

“Italy is a prime example of how the program can benefit businesses while helping governments achieve their sustainability goals. We hope to see more countries recognize SA8000 as a valuable tool to support the implementation of national policies,” says Chris Lamoureux, Research and Policy Fellow at SAI.

Istituto nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro (form OT 24:2017 B-2)
Garanzie per la partecipazione alla procedura (Art. 93)

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