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SA8000:2014 – Transition on Pace to Reach 3,800 Facilities

18 May 2017

Over 2,000 facilities have so far completed the Social Fingerprint® Self-Assessment, which is the first step towards certification to the SA8000®
Standard's latest version, SA8000:2014.

Organizations currently certified to the Standard's previous version, SA8000:2008, can upgrade their certification to SA8000:2014 until the end of this year. The updated timeline for the transition process is available here.

As part of SA8000:2014, SAI introduced new capacity building tools that help organizations identify areas for improvement in their social performance management systems. These tools, including the Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment and Independent Evaluation, have received positive feedback for their ability to clarify SA8000's management system requirements and promote continuous improvement.

“We are excited to see certified organizations find value in these tools, which will only help them increase the effectiveness of SA8000 implementation,” says Senior Director Rochelle Zaid from SAI.

All new SA8000 certifications granted since January 2016 are based on SA8000:2014. For more information on upgrading an SA8000:2008 certification to SA8000:2014, click here.

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