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Lisa Bernstein

Senior Manager – SA8000 | SAAS | New York, USA

Lisa Bernstein serves as a Senior Manager for SA8000 with Social Accountability Accreditation Services. She is responsible for the accreditation and oversight of certification bodies that are authorized to deliver audits for the SA8000® Standard.

Bernstein has almost two decades of experience in the field of accreditation and certification, having worked for SAAS and SAI since 2001. She manages the creation of policies and procedures for accreditation of certification bodies and social auditing, and oversees the evaluation and assessment of accredited and applicant certification bodies. Previously, Bernstein coordinated special projects, communication, and fundraising at SAI.

Before joining SAI and SAAS, Bernstein was a Registered Representative and Administrative Director for Green Century Capital Management, a socially responsible investment firm. She has also directed public interest and recruitment campaigns for the national association of State Public Interest Research Groups and holds a degree in environmental policy from Rutgers University.