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SAI Information During COVID-19 Epidemic

Updated: March 27, 2020

During this uncertain and difficult time, SAI's utmost priority is the health and well-being of our staff, partners, workers, and communities around the world. The COVID-19 epidemic will have deep and far-reaching effects for business and workers, and poses immediate risks to our communities worldwide. SAI is taking all available precautions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through our programs or activities. We are also issuing guidance notes that we hope will be useful for business and other stakeholders seeking to protect workers during this precarious time.
Many of SAI's programs have been and will continue to be affected by this global emergency. We will share all new announcements with relevant audiences and post updates to this page.

COVID-19 Guidelines for SA8000-Certified Organizations

SAI has released a public guidance document detailing SAI expectations during this difficult period, including key risk areas to note. This includes a temporary exception to normal SA8000 requirements regarding limits to working hours in China. While much remains uncertain, SAI hopes this document will provide useful guidance to SA8000-certified organizations on how to navigate that uncertainty, mitigate labor risks, and protect vulnerable workers as work resumes following this crisis.

Download the Guidelines

SAAS Instructions for Certification Bodies

Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) has released a temporary instruction regarding maintenance of SA8000 Applicant and Certified Clients in light of the global Coronavirus emergency.

The instructions temporarily override SAAS Procedure 200:2019 and outline actions to be taken by SAAS and SAAS-accredited CBs. The temporary instruction will remain in place until further notice from SAAS.

Access SAAS Instruction 2020-5: March.2020: Coronavirus Temporary Instruction for the SA8000 Program from the SAAS Document Library. [Updated March 27, 2020]

SAI Training Announcements

SAI has decided to postpone all in-person training sessions through April 30, including all SA8000 training sessions held by approved external course providers. We have contacted registered participants and updated the training calendar to reflect these changes. We will send further information as it becomes available.